9 thoughts on “The Tap Room News”

    1. Wise advice. Also it is avisable never to think that the question is a trick one and that your ingenious, but not altogether obvious answer, is a display of a rare intelligence. It never is, Its the obvious answer 99 times out of 100. In short avoid tryiong to be a smartarse, advice that I should consider and act upon, less than is healthy for my team’s quiz score …..and life in general!

  1. The countdown is on to Curry Nite at the Oak. Local chef to the stars John Goodall is provding the nosh and mein host Rob Sykes will be providing the beer and the atmosphere.
    Let’s hope it’s a busy night.

    Feel free to post your curry comments.


  2. A very good night indeed! Great curry, plenty of ‘usual suspects’. Atmosphere was great. talking to Jacqui, said more of this please. She reckons every 3 months, whcih sounds about right so that the novelty doesn;t wear off too quickly

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