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Time Team in Castor update II

Time Team in Salisbury
Image by Wessex Archaeology via Flickr

Rob at the Royal Oak is hosting a Channel 4 Time Team event at the Royal Oak on Sunday 13 March.

The episode filmed in Castor last June will be screened from 5:30pm. After that there will be a local knowledge quiz and a raffle. Time to mug up on all those snippets of Castor legend and lore bandied around the bar on cold winter evenings.

And while you’re there get your lips around a pint or two of Rob’s excellent ale.

See you there.

Pierce Brosnan drank in my local

It seems that our corner of the world is about feature on the telly.  Channel 4’s Time Team is coming to dig up part of the school field and an area behind the church to investigate Roman Britain.

We’re no strangers here to the glamour of the silver screen – large and small. Locations around the area have been used in movies like The Dirty Dozen – The Next Mission, Goldeneye and Nine to name just three out of the dozens of films that have been shot here.

TV shows like Secret Army, The Bill and London’s Burning have used the location and bands including Haircut 100 and Queen have filmed videos here.

Pierce Brosnan even stopped in my local pub for a pint of Guinness during a break in filming.

The village will face some disruption, with catering facilities, outside broadcast units and camera tracks cluttering up the place. Not to mention the crew.  Tony Robinson and his colleagues will attract onlookers and the casually interested.  The book is open on who in the village will try to get themselves on the telly.

I will go and have gawp myself and I’m looking forward to seeing what the Time Team unearth.