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Space for the departed in your back yard

As cities and populations grow so too do the number of people shuffling off this mortal coil. And of course we need to find somewhere to bury them.

And, as our society becomes increasingly multi cultural the need arises for multi-faith burial, not just traditional Christian burial grounds.

The cemeteries in the towns are full. Local authorities have in-filled every last bit of green space with housing development so existing cemeteries can’t be extended. So where do the new cemeteries go?

The solution is obvious. In prime agricultural land next to a conservation village in land that is used for recreation and the production of organic vegetables.

The need for new burial space in a developing and expanding city is undeniable. However, locations for such space need to be more carefully considered. Consultation is happening. Residents of this corner of the shire need to make their views known. The Council prefers online interaction so fill in the form on consultation.

For details of the consultation and to make your feelings known go here.

The fear here – as always – is that other development could sneak in by the back door. What if the proposed sites are no longer needed for a cemetery. Oh look! There are three prime parcels of land, owned by the council in locations that make them obvious candidates for housing development or worse, travellers’ sites.

Someone somewhere has a bit of an axe to grind when it comes to development in the village. What about exploring other sites – next to the Crematorium in Marholm for example, or Glinton?