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A reading journal

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Following on from Michael Gove’s recommendations on the ’50 book a year’ thing for school kids I thought that I would keep a tally of what I’m reading/have read this year. Look out for regular updates.

So far this year I have read (in no particular order)

I am just finishing Burton & Swinburne – The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack by Mark Hodder and then it’s on to Nemesis, Max Hastings’ history of WWII in the Pacific.

Never mind reading all these. Perhaps it’s time to start writing one. If only I could find the time.

Selznick and Scorcese: The Invention of Hugo Cabret in 3D shoots in Castor

Nene Valley Railway - Castor
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Driving home last night a bright light suspended in the sky caught my attention. From the top of Love’s Hill it looked like a UFO hovering over Normangate field. Further investigation revealed that it was a large flood light illuminating a section of the Nene Valley Railway at the bottom of Station Road.  The railway and the trees and brush either side of the track were thrown into stark relief against the moonlit night.

Villagers out and about over the past few days have  spotted a film crew in the area. It turns out that they were setting up to film parts of Martin Scorcese’s new 3D adaptation of Brian Selznick‘s Hugo Cabret. That’s what the flood lights were for.

Rumours that Jude Law is in area have been rife.  Sorry to disappoint. According to a spokesman at Nene Valley Railway, the crew was only filming technical shots of moving locomotives and rolling stock for the movie. None of the film’s stars were involved in the shoot, he said. Two wagons from the railway have also been taken down to Shepperton Studios where they have been used in filming on set.

The movie should be something to look forward to. The screenplay is by John Logan – who wrote screenplays for films including Gladiator (2000), Sweeny Todd (2007), The Last Samurai (2003), Any Given Sunday (1999) and The Aviator (2004) and is producing the screenplay for Bond 23. It is adapted from the children’s story The Invention of Hugo Cabret by author and illustrator Brian Selznick. Directed by Martin Scorcese the film has a stellar English cast including Jude Law, Emily Mortimer, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Lee, Ray Winstone, Richard Griffiths and Sacha Baron-Cohen. It is due for release in December and with a production team and cast like that on board it can only be a hit. Surely.

Anyway, it’s just another moment of stardom on the silver screen for Castor. See the post Pierce Brosnan Drank in my Local from 26 June 2010.