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HCA responds to residents’ concerns

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Following earlier revelations on the Homes and Communities Agency‘s (HCA) intentions for the land it holds around the villages of Castor and Ailsworth in Cambridgeshire it has responded to a query from the Parish with a typically oblique reply:

At the present time, the HCA does not have detailed proposals for this site as the site is not allocated for
development in any existing adopted planning policy for Peterborough, nor is it included in any emergent planning policy currently being considered.  Should the site be required at some point in the future to provide for Peterborough’s growth, the HCA will look to plan the site in a comprehensive
manner, working with local partners.

There is still nothing to stop it selling off its holdings around the village envelope (between the village and the by-pass) to developers – like Clay Lane.  And, since the government’s decision to scrap regional spatial planning has been ruled unlawful, it seems that housing quotas are again back on the agenda.

The true extent of rural development plans revealed.

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More threats to Peterborough‘s rural communities. It would seem that the Homes and communities Agency (HCA), which owns a significant amount of land in this corner of the shire, is slowly revealing its intentions for the wholesale development of the area.   

This is its objection to plans for cemetery allocation in the villages (See post dated 3 September 2010).   

Site C003 is in the ownership of the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) and forms part of a larger landholding belonging to the HCA at Castor & Ailsworth, having been in the ownership of the HCA’s predecessor bodies, English Partnerships, and the Commission for the New Towns. The HCA wishes to see this large landholding planned in a comprehensive manner to aid Peterborough’s ambitions for growth and considers that piecemeal development of the landholding for a cemetery at this stage would compromise the HCA’s aspirations for this site. The HCA therefore objects to the proposal to use C001 Land North of Peterborough Road and West of village of Ailsworth for Cemetery Provision without it being considered as part of a mixed use community at this site.   

Just in case you missed it, this is the signifcant bit: The HCA wishes to see this large landholding planned in a comprehensive manner to aid Peterborough’s ambitions for growth….   

We could be looking at development on the scale of Bretton or the Ortons. That was certainly the case in the 1970s before local opposition was able to fight off the developers. There will come a time when local opposition to development of this kind will have to re-crystalise or residents and other groups who don’t want this kind of rural development will be steam rollered by the HCA and the city council.   

To quote Heather O’Rourke in Poltergeist: ‘They’re here’.