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Broad bean blunders

Vicia faba
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I’ve been fretting about my broad beans for a while now. Until recently – the dry spell notwithstanding – only a handful of the broad bean seeds sown at the end of March had come up. While I looked with envy at my neighbours burgeoning bean plots, mine has been looking rather barren. A recent showery spell of weather seems to have stimulated them though and more and more are now starting to come up – although they are lagging behind.

I thought it was something I had been doing wrong. Perhaps I had sown them too late, or used a dodgy packet of seeds. That is until a friend told me over a pint in the pub the other day that small rodents – field mice, voles, shrews and the like – enjoy nothing better than rooting up and scoffing bean and pea seeds.

So, rodent problems may account for some of the missing plants, but at least they’re coming up now. I might get some beans after all – I just need to exercise a little patience.

A Sunday morning in May

Planting out courgettes

The bells of the ancient church just up the hill have stopped ringing. The faithful have gone in to pray.

The sun is shining and cotton wool cumulus scuds past my open window as I contemplate the chores left for me by M, who has taken the kids to Sunday School where she is helping out. The only sounds – apart from the tapping of the keyboard – are the wind soughing through the leaves of the maple tree outside, the engine of a passing light aircraft from the local airfield and birdsong.

Once the boy’s football kit is in soak and the paper littering the living room floor has been picked up and put in the recycling, the next thing is to get on the allotment and plant the courgettes, butternut squash, pumpkin and main crop seed potatoes. They’ve been awaiting my attention for over a week.

This blog has been waiting my attention since March, so I get around to things – eventually.