Broad bean blunders

Vicia faba
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I’ve been fretting about my broad beans for a while now. Until recently – the dry spell notwithstanding – only a handful of the broad bean seeds sown at the end of March had come up. While I looked with envy at my neighbours burgeoning bean plots, mine has been looking rather barren. A recent showery spell of weather seems to have stimulated them though and more and more are now starting to come up – although they are lagging behind.

I thought it was something I had been doing wrong. Perhaps I had sown them too late, or used a dodgy packet of seeds. That is until a friend told me over a pint in the pub the other day that small rodents – field mice, voles, shrews and the like – enjoy nothing better than rooting up and scoffing bean and pea seeds.

So, rodent problems may account for some of the missing plants, but at least they’re coming up now. I might get some beans after all – I just need to exercise a little patience.


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