Go The f*@k to Sleep – please

For anyone – like me – who has had late nights and frustrations trying to get the nippers off to ‘Dreamland’


How many times have we all wanted to shout out ‘Go the Fuck to Sleep’ as one of the little ones pads down the stairs for the umpteenth time in a night? Adam Mansbach has put his frustrations to one side to pen this little children’s book for grown-ups to help us relieve ours.

Better still, get the Samuel L Jackson voiced audio book – I dare you. I double dare you.

Read on.

Budding snappers to create a picture of Castor life

Keen photographers are being invited to take part in a venture that could help build up a picture of village life in Castor.

Linden Homes – developer of Drover’s Mead – is challenging the people of Castor and those who have an association with the village to capture its best bits on film.

The images will be judged by a Linden Homes panel. Prizes will be awarded for the best before a selection of the top photographs are displayed in the sales and marketing suite.

Linden Homes sales and marketing director Steve Garton said: “We believe this will be an excellent way of not only engaging with the local community but will produce some fabulous images which we may even be able to us as part of our promotion of the village as a fantastic place to live.”

The competition is open to all ages, and the photos can depict all aspects of village life. Entrants can submit up to three emailed JPEG images by sending them to castorphotos@mediamatters-pr.co.uk

Prizes will include £250 photographic voucher for the winner and £150 for two runners-up.

Deadline for entries is Friday 15 July 2011.

Personally, I’m not keen on promoting the unsympathetic over-developement of villages, as this can lead to the destruction of that which makes it an attractive place to live in the first place. However, I do applaud the sentiment that it can build up a valuable photographic record of modern village life for future residents to enjoy so fill your boots.

Broad bean blunders

Vicia faba
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I’ve been fretting about my broad beans for a while now. Until recently – the dry spell notwithstanding – only a handful of the broad bean seeds sown at the end of March had come up. While I looked with envy at my neighbours burgeoning bean plots, mine has been looking rather barren. A recent showery spell of weather seems to have stimulated them though and more and more are now starting to come up – although they are lagging behind.

I thought it was something I had been doing wrong. Perhaps I had sown them too late, or used a dodgy packet of seeds. That is until a friend told me over a pint in the pub the other day that small rodents – field mice, voles, shrews and the like – enjoy nothing better than rooting up and scoffing bean and pea seeds.

So, rodent problems may account for some of the missing plants, but at least they’re coming up now. I might get some beans after all – I just need to exercise a little patience.