Hammer Queen Ingrid Pitt dies

Countess Dracula
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Hammer House of Horror Queen Ingrid Pitt has died suddenly.

I can’t help feeling a sense of loss at the news in spite of the fact that I have never met her. Part of my adolescence has gone with her. You see, Ingrid Pitt, along with other Hammer regulars like Britt Ekland, Stephanie Beacham, Kate O’Mara, Martine Beswick and Veronica Carlson, was fuel for the teenage fantasies of many boys growing up in the late 1970s and early 1980s – mine included.

She appeared in 1970s Hammer classics like The Vampire Lovers, Countess Dracula and The Wicker Man and the erotically charged scenes were pretty steamy for late night TV.

The Hammer films of those decades were pretty tame by modern standards – despite being given X certification by the Board of Film Censors – but they were and are great fun and much more entertaining than the modern torture porn movies like The Saw franchise. I’d much rather watch Christopher Lee camping it up as Dracula – pursuing some nubile virgin with a heaving bosom through a wood in the Home Counties (sorry, Transylvania) – than I would some unknown Hollywood ‘D’ lister chewing off their own leg to get out of some sadistic trap only to have their head blow up.

Ingrid Pitt, RIP.


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