Digital radio – Pure magic

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Digital radios are smart aren’t they? I should have bought one ages ago. BBC 6 Music is a revelation in music radio and Planet Rock – well rocks. I can’t imagine what Auntie was thinking when she thought about cutting 6 music and other digital offerings loose, particularly when Radio 1 and 2 are so patchy at the moment. And the sports commentary is more accessible, particularly for those of us with ‘council house telly’ who still think that broadcasting should be generally available to everyone, not just to those who can afford Sky.

The Pure One Classic is a neat little radio. Tuning is easy, no more hunting through the static looking for Atlantic 558 or Caroline. Nice design, reasonable sound for a kitchen radio and easy to use.

Of course, there is a downside. interference. The digital signal, particularly in my area, is constantly breaking up and I find that I have to re-tune to FM. Back to the old days. Let’s hope this little problem is resolved before the switch over and we lose analogue broadcasting for good.

And digital does offer scope for manufacturers like Pure and Roberts to bring back some of those wonderful Art Deco Bakelite designs. Life seems to have been sucked out of design lately. A visit to an unlikely museum in Spain recently revealed a fascinating world of designs which could easily make a comeback.

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