Wild brown trout in the Nene

Record numbers of salmon and sea trout are being found in English rivers according to Environment Agency figures just released.

River water quality in England has improved for the 20th consecutive year.  Over 70 per cent of rivers are now graded as ‘very good’ or ‘good’ under the organisation’s General Quality Assessment classification (GQA).

Wild brown trout have been caught recently in our own backwater of the river Nene, where once they would not be expected to be found. This is another indication that the EA is right because the water quality is improving here too.

According to the Environment Agency 15,ooo salmon and sea trout were recorded in the river Tyne. 50 years ago, no salmon or sea trout were seen. Record numbers of sea trout have also been recorded in the Thames which was thought to be biologically dead since the 1830s.  

The improvements have been achieved through investment by water companies, tougher action on polluters, reduction in discharges from industry and businesses, changing farming practices and local projects such as  fish and eel passes.

Organisations such as local voluntary groups, Rivers Trusts and wildlife groups also have important roles to play in making the country’s rivers even better for people and wildlife.


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