Summer’s gone but it’s Beer Fest time!

Summer’s gone and all the leaves are fallen.

Well not quite, but the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Peterborough Festival is on and that for me signifies the end of summer – even if the autumnal equinox isn’t until 23rd September. It’s the last event leading up to the August bank holiday weekend.

It’s tinged with yearning for the summer past (what summer? I hear you cry) yes but it’s a great social occasion and a time to enjoy draft ale that you might not find in the local in a great atmosphere.

If you’re from the area you can guarantee that on any given evening there will be many familiar faces, friends and acquaintances that you don’t see from one year to the next propping up the bar or listening to the (usually) excellent live music. If you’re not, don’t worry because the locals are friendly and the ‘craic’ is great.

The Peterborough Beer Festival is now in its 33rd year and has come a long way from its humble origins in local pubs. From there it moved first to the Wirrina (roller skate arena and hall) and now to a marquee complex on the banks of the River Nene near the Key Theatre.

Something of an old beer fest hand now – I’ve been going almost every year since the fifth festival – I shall be there again looking out for the old faces, saying farewell to another summer and drinking to the coming Autumn.

Just need to pace myself. I’m not as young as I was and work beckons in the morning.

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